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This Survey Reveals Why Pinoys Aged 25-35 Should Start Investing Now

The Manulife Investor Sentiment Index reveals why you should make investing one of your top priorities.

Survey Reveals Top Fashion Mistakes Women Dread

What's your most cringe-worthy fashion faux pas?

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Women's Health Wants to Know: Are You Getting Enough?

Answer Women's Health's International Sex Survey and see how the average Pinay's sex life compares to that of other ladies from around the globe.

Women's Health Wants to Hear from You!

Take a couple of minutes to answer this survey from Women's Health Philippines.

Philippines Ranked the Most Emotional Country in the World

60 percent of respondents from the Philippines said they have felt at least one emotion recently.

Take the Women's Health Survey on Cheating until May 28

Results from this survey will appear in a future WH issue.

Take the Women's Health Gym Habits Survey until April 25

Results from this survey will appear in a future WH issue.

Robin Padilla, Coco Martin among Favorite Stars of Pinoy Teens

A survey shows which six stars have captured teens' hearts in the Philippines.

Take the Women's Health Average Woman Survey from January 12 to 23

Results from this survey will be published in the magazine's March 2012 issue.

Filipinos Still Hopeful about the New Year

According to a survey conducted last November 10 to November 23, we are looking forward to a happy new year.

Sex ranks low on list of things that make Pinays happy, survey shows + What makes you happy?

A recent survey showed that sex ranks low on Pinays' happy lists--family, health, government, and politics rank higher. Do you agree?

New Study: Mentoring kids in their early school years turns them into achievers

Get tips from a recent Ateneo survey to help you raise star pupils, ace athletes, and student leaders.