When talking about desirable traits in signifcant others, people always say they want someone good-looking, smart, and funny. However, we think it's about time we add well-traveled to the list.

If you always make it a point to fly to Palawan or Boracay every long holiday, have stamps upon stamps on your passport from your yearly trips abroad, or are constantly called up by friends needing advice about their itineraries—nevermind if you've never been to India—then any guy would be lucky to have you! Here, nine reasons why travel junkies like you make the best partners.

You always have a lot of stories.

Whether it’s swimming with the whale sharks in Oslob or seeing the sun rise at Angkor Wat, your travel experiences always make for an interesting conversation. "Even after all this time, my husband and I still enjoy talking about the places we’ve been to together and apart," says Leslie, 33. "Unlike some couples whose conversations dwindle down to how each other’s day went, ours is always either a trip down memory lane or a plan for the future."

You’re great at budgeting.

Your family or your spouse will never go hungry because you’ll always find a way to stretch your income. "When you only have so much pocket money, you learn to make every peso, yen, or won count," says Shirley, 32. "In fact, before every trip, I make an Excel file to make sure that everything is accounted for—from last-minute shopping frills to emergency expenses." A bonus: You’re also pretty good at mental computation. "When you spend a lot of time converting currencies, you can’t help but become more adept at Math!"

You're not afraid of a little risk.

Traveling solo comes with a small degree of risk, depending on where you go, but that doesn't stop you from backpacking across Thailand anyway. The same applies to your relationships. You're willing to put yourself out there, to a certain extent, if you feel like the man is worth it.

You have no problems roughing it.
You’ve climbed mountains, survived 16 hours on a rocky roro, and camped out in the middle of nowhere: You’re obviously not afraid to get down and dirty should the situation call for it. This means you’re less likely to up and leave at the slightest hint of conflict in your relationship.

Speaking of conflict, you’re good at dealing with it.
When traveling, you have no time for drama, so you learn to become very methodological about problem solving. Is your luggage overweight? Split the excess baggage among your travel mates. Accidentally packed more than 100ml’s worth of liquid in your carry-on, leave it with the snooty lady guard. Your man wants a compromse? May pros and cons ka na!

You’re a lot more open-minded.

Traveling to different places has exposed you to different cultures and beliefs, so hardly anything fazes you. When something does surprise you, however, say, your man's Christian Grey tendencies, you're more likely to be curious than weirded out.

Adventure is your middle name.
You’re usually game for anything, whether that means trying the delicacy of the country you’re in or going on an unconventional date!

You always have an ace up your sleeve.
No matter how long you and your man have been together, you always find a way to surprise him. "Back when I was traveling extensively across China for work, I realized that I would have an easier time if I made an effort to learn the language," says Michelle, 29. "I’m not an expert by a long shot, but I know and can understand very basic Mandarin and Cantonese, which totally impressed my Chinese boyfriend when we went to Hong Kong last month!"

You know that "It’s the climb" that's really worth it.

The view from the top of Mt. Pulag or Mt. Apo is absolutely breathtaking, but you also know that what really makes your trip memorable is the journey you took to get to the summit. IRL, this makes you more appreciative of what you share with your man. You know what it took to get to where you are, so you're less likely to take your relationship for granted.

Well-traveled people, FTW.

PHOTO: Roderick Eime/Flickr Creative Commons; GIFS: Giphy

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