Crystals and their alleged healing powers may sound like a recent trend when, in fact, crystals have been around for as long as the earth has existed. And while many beliefs surrounding them often cross the metaphysical, some of these stones are actually used daily. Take quartz as an example: quartz is used by engineers and scientists in mechanics and technology for its innate durability, as well by the world’s best watchmakers for its ability to emit such precise vibrations to tell time. You may even be wearing a quartz precision watch right at this moment.

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As for the rest of its effects, science has yet to find proof that different crystals are directly responsible for improvement in one's mind and body. Many people believe that crystals have actually helped them in one way on another, and experts are more likely to say that yescrystals can help, but not in a "magical" way one may think.

A feature on WebMD that cites psychologist Stuart Vyse notes, "The placebo effect is almost certainly at play. And the mere act of doing something to take control of your destiny can often boost hope, brighten mood, and improve your ability to cope with a chronic condition." It's good to note that placebo doesn't necessarily mean "fake" or make-believe. 

"Brain imaging studies have shown that when a patient performs an activates very specific regions in the brain and can trigger the release of feel-good hormones like endorphins, dopamine, and natural painkillers." The feature goes on to quote Program in Placebo Studies at Harvard Medical School Dr. Ted Kaptchuk, "We are talking about a real biological process, not something you are just making up."


The debate can go on and on for whether a stone can really have any healing capabilities or if it's a placebo and a tool to help one focus. Even if you do believe in a crystal's power, it doesn’t mean you should skip your doctor’s appointment. 

If you’re on the fence but, for some reason, you find yourself interested or drawn to their beauty—or dare we say, energywe’ve got your crystals crash course right here.

A beginner's guide to crystals

Daryll Barte, part-owner of 5th Dimension Crystal Shop in Makati Cinema Square, shares that his foray into this business happened by unexpected serendipity. After chancing upon a crystal shop during his college years, he got attracted to his first stone, a hematite. When he researched about it, he learned that it protected its holder from negativity.  “When I picked that piece of hematite, I didn’t know about its healing properties,” says Daryll, who collected pebbles and colored rocks as a child, “But my subconcious mind knew what I needed, and so I got attracted to it.”


Crystals are mineral deposits found in the earth’s crust. Depending on where they are found, and what kind of environment literally shapes them, crystals can have vibrant colors and patterns, or luminous clarity. This natural process lends qualities to the stones that are said to correspond to the body’s chakra (energy centers) system which, when aligned and active, is believed to attract love, abundance, and peace into the lives of its holder. There are stones, like the hematite, which can repel negative energy, or the quartz, which can amplify vibrations of other crystals around it.


Daryll, who has been in the business of healing crystals for five years now, generously shares his recommendations for those just starting out on their stone collection, as well as those that are hoping to pick up some luck in specific areas of their lives.

Crystals for career women


Carnelian is a red-orange to rusty red crystal from the quartz family. It is said to correspond to the sacral chakra, located just under the navel, which is responsible for sexuality and physical strength. According to Daryll, “This is the stone of ambition and drive. It also boosts creativity and self-confidence. It helps with making choices and motivation.”


Green Aventurine

Green aventurine, or “the stone of opportunities,” says Daryll, “is also considered the luckiest of all crystals. It encourages drive, optimism, decisiveness and leadership.” While green may implicate the color of the dollar and good luck, this crystal is known to correspond to the heart chakra, which also relates to the color green. It is believed that a heart that is open to universal love allows abundance and wealth to enter the lives of its bearer.

Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline is one of the basic stones anyone can carry. Daryll says, “It is the ultimate stone for protection. This crystal shields you from bad vibes and even from EMF. It also keeps you grounded and focused.”


Pyrite is what many refer to as fool’s gold “because it looks like gold,” says Daryll. “This crystal of abundance can help you attract more clients and help manifest your wishes. This crystal also prevents office politics and backstabbing.” It corresponds to the solar plexus chakra, which deals with personal power. Pyrite helps attune one’s energy to a sense of self-worth that drives you to get what you want.


Daryll advises placing small tumble stones of these crystals in the cash box or placed in a pouch to be carried in your bag. You can also place them on your office desk or wear them as jewelry.

Crystals for women looking for love

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is undeniably the most popular love crystal. Celebrities, like Katy Perry, attribute their inability to stay single or grow in their own self-love because of this pink stone. According to Daryll, it is actually a “stone of unconditional love. This pink crystal vibrates to the frquency of love. It attracts new love and promotes self-love and acceptance. It resonates with the heart chakra and opens it so you will be able to accept and give love.”



"Rhodochrosite is said to attract your soul mate," says Daryll. Also pink in color, it can be specked with brown, yellow, or white. "A stone of compassion, it can heal old woulds, balance emotions and help you let go of the past so you can move on." In a sense, it allows the bearer to accept themselves and embrace their inner power. 


Wearing ruby, also known as “the stone of romance and sensuality,” emanates nobility as it is considered “the queen of stones and stone of kings.” Daryll says, “It is also a stone of confidence, commitment, and loyalty,” hence its popularity in weddings. Physically, rubies are believed to help in blood circulation and any blockages in the body that may lead to heart disease. In the chakra system, it corresponds to the root chakra, which is located at the base of the spine, responsible for feelings of security and stability, serving as the foundation of life on earth and a natural connection to spirituality. 


Daryll shares other personal favorite crystals of his, each with its own special 'healing' vibration. Labradorite, which is a “stone of magic and synchronicity, is said to shield you from psychic vampires and removes obstacles.” Amethyst, which is another popular crystal of protection, is “nature’s tranquilizer,” which can help “calm the nerves and even controls anger.” He also mentions the stone of truth and elightenment, lapis lazuli, and the merchant’s stone, citrine. There are many more crystals to learn about, but what’s important is that you hold one for yourself and see if its energy resonates with you.


Whether carrying around a stone helps you or not, remember that you already have the most powerful gem inside yourself: your mind. Don’t underestimate its healing properties, especially when you’re able to make it crystal clear with meditation, focus, and honesty. Maybe a crystal’s vibrations can help you reach that state, maybe not. But don’t forget that you already hold the power to improve yourself.

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