Sitting in front of your office desk every day isn’t going to do anything to help you lose those extra pounds, so why not improvise, and do those reports on your feet?

Dr. John Buckley, an exercise scientist from Chester University in England believes that getting off your chair while logging into work may just be the solution to your weight issues. He found out that people who stand for a total of three hours a day are more likely to lose weight, and this is based on his personal experience--Dr. Buckley burns an additional 144 calories daily by using a standing desk and working on his feet for three hours of his shift. That amounts to losing eight pounds in a year. reports that previous studies have also looked into making office jobs less sedentary. One experiment found out that participants who work while slowly walking on a treadmill lost 44 to 66 pounds in a year.

It may take getting used to, but working on your feet may be worth a shot, as it not only helps you burn calories, but also keeps your circulation good and going. As Dr. Buckley says, “This is the perfect way for any office-bound worker to achieve the typical New Year's resolution of wanting to lose seven pounds without changing anything else--how easy is that?"

(Photo by Shawn Porter via Flickr Creative Commons)

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