You may have been one of the many people who experienced a sneezy holiday, with the sudden changes in weather. But sometimes these sniffles can stay with you for quite some time and may even escalate in a full-blown respiratory tract infection. In order to avoid this, scientists from the Karolinska Institute and Karolinska University Hospital recommend that patients take high doses of Vitamin D, reports.

Dr. Peter Bergman and his team worked with 140 volunteers who have been showing symptoms of respiratory tract infections six weeks prior to the study. They were separated into two groups: one group was given a high dose of vitamin D, while the other wasn't given any supplements. For 12 months, the volunteers were asked to keep a health journal about how they're feeling on a daily basis.

The results showed that those who took vitamin D supplements had a 25 percent drop in respiratory tract infection symptoms and were able to reduce their antibiotic use to half. Although vitamin D doesn't lesen the chances of infection recurrence, it does help in treating it.

Interestingly, only those whose vitamin D levels fall below the line can seem to reap these benefits.

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Vitamin D has been long known as a steroid vitamin which helps in proper metabolism and nutrient absorption. It has also been a proven immune system booster. The best source for this is sunlight, although supplements are also available over the counter.

Of course, before taking in additional supplements or medications, it's best to always consult your physician.

(Photo by mcfarlandmo via Flickr Creative Commons)

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