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5 Essential Vitamins Every Working Girl Needs Right Now

We went through them from A to Z and came up with this shortlist.

Exposure to Sunlight May Help Lower Blood Pressure Levels

Basking under the sun for a short period daily may eventually protect you from cardiovascular disease.

High Vitamin D Levels in Pregnant Women May Improve Children's Muscle Health

Expectant women should regularly take vitamin D to help their children develop muscle strength.

Low Vitamin D Intake Linked to Brain Debility

Older adults must have enough vitamin D to maintain cognitive health.

Stay Healthy with Vitamin D, Says Study

Vitamin D does more than just strengthen your bones and muscles. It may also protect you from life-threatening diseases.

Excess Vitamin D During Pregnancy May Result in Infant Food Allergies

A balanced vitamin D intake may help you and your child stay healthy, but too much of it may cause complications.

Low Vitamin D Levels May Predict Breast Cancer

A recent study looks into a possible time window prior to breast cancer diagnosis that may help in early treatment.

Vitamin D May Help Fight Respiratory Tract Infection Symptoms, Study Says

Do you have a bad case of cough and colds that you require you to take antibiotics? Vitamin D may just be what you need to activate your immune system.

Drinking Milk as a Child May Help Keep You Active as an Adult

Better get that milk moustache on, as the effects of this wonder drink last far longer than you think.

Not Getting Enough Vitamin D May Raise Your Risk of Heart Problems

You may want to bask in the sun more often. After all, it's a good source of vitamin D, which may play an essential role in strengthening your heart.

Low Levels of Vitamin D Worsen the Effects of Smoking on Your Lungs

While your lung function will still deteriorate if you continue to smoke, this will happen faster if you have a vitamin D deficiency, a recent study shows.

Maintain a Healthy BMI and Vitamin D Level to Decrease Your Risk for Diabetes

Unfortunately for your health, the combination of obesity and Vitamin D deficiency create a bigger risk for diabetes than either one alone.

Too Much Vitamin D May Increase Your Mortality Risk

If not getting enough of this vitamin is a problem, so is having too much of it.

Insufficient Vitamin D during Mom's Pregnancy May Lead to Child's Obesity

Research suggests pregnant women who don't get enough vitamin D may increase the risk their children will be obese later on.

Vitamin D Can Help Prevent Inflammation

Research shows that taking vitamin D could benefit patients with asthma, arthritis, and even prostate cancer.

Vitamin D May Help Diminish Symptoms of Depression in Your Child

Research shows a daily dose of this vitamin can help keep your kid from succumbing to depression.

Vitamin ABCs: Which vitamins should you really be taking?

Are these health supplements really necessary for you? This article offers some vital facts about vitamins A, B, C, D, E, and K.