According to, consuming a concoction of soy, whey, and casein after regular exercise increases protein muscle synthesis.

Whey protein is a commonly used supplement, but according to principal study investigator Dr. Blake Rasmussen and his team, a soy-dairy protein blend is also "capable of stimulating muscle growth."

This is based on a trial done on 19 young adults who were asked to consume 20 grams of protein from either the whey blend or the soy-dairy blend after high-intensity leg exercises. Leg muscle samples were taken over time to see various changes in protein synthesis.

They found that not only did the soy-dairy formula have the same effects as the whey formula, but the former "prolongs the increase in rate of muscle protein synthesis" much more than its counterpart.

Other than soy, milk, beef, and eggs are also good sources of protein that can stimulate muscle synthesis and healing after strenuous exercise.

(Photo by T.Hagihara via Flickr Creative Commons)

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