Getting enough beauty sleep may do more than slow down skin aging---it may also help you overcome your fears, according to a study featured on TIME.

Researchers from the Feinberg School of Medicine at Northwestern University in Chicago conditioned 15 participants to fear photos of random men by giving them mild shocks and exposing them to recurring odors whenever they saw the said pictures. They were then asked to take a nap, during which the odors were reintroduced without the shocks.

While they were sleeping, they unconsciously reacted to the odors as evidenced by the changes in their skin conductance, an indication of physiological and psychological arousal. However, the more they were exposed to the stimuli, the weaker their response became.

Upon waking up, the participants were once again shown the photos of men, but researchers found that they were less likely to flinch. The longer the nap, the less afraid they were.

Although more research is still needed to find better sleep-based fear treatments, there’s no harm in trying to lessen your anxieties by getting a good night's sleep. Giving your brain seven to eight hours' worth of rest may help you face your fears the following morning.

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