It's important to maintain proper blood sugar levels, as aside from the risk of diabetes, Medical News Today reports that older adults with increased glucose counts may be more likely to develop dementia.

Researchers from the University of Washington measured and monitored the glycated hemoglobin and glucose levels of 2,067 participants for 6.8 years. The data was then compiled using a model which predicts outcomes based on time-dependent factors, such as age, sex, diabetes status, exercise, blood pressure, and smoking among others. The participants were aged 65 years old and above and showed no signs of cognitive decline.

The results showed that participants who were diagnosed with diabetes and had an average glucose level of 190 milligrams per deciliter (mg/dl); their risk of developing dementia was 40 percent higher as compared with those who had the same condition but who only had an average glucose level of 160 mg/dl.

However, diabetics aren't the only ones with increased chances of cognitive decline. Participants without diabetes, but who had an average glucose level of 115 mg/dl, had an 18 percent higher risk of developing dementia than those with an average of 100 mg/dl.

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If you feel like you’re at risk for cognitive decline, see a doctor immediately. Ask about the right kind of diet and exercise that may help lower your blood sugar levels as well as improve your health.

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