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High Levels of Bad Cholesterol May Increase Alzheimer's Disease Risk

Cholesterol has been linked to the growth of amyloid plaques in older adults diagnosed with dementia.

Speaking Two or More Languages May Help Delay Dementia

Knowing more than just your mother tongue may protect you from age-related cognitive diseases.

Improve Cognitive Health with a Mediterranean Diet, Says Study

Eating more whole wheat, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and fish may lower your risk of developing dementia.

Older Adults with High Blood Sugar Levels May Have Increased Dementia Risk

Maintaining proper glucose levels may help lessen the risk of disease and cognitive decline.

Drinking Hot Chocolate May Help Keep Older Adults Mentally Healthy, Says Study

Two cups of hot cocoa a day may help improve blood flow and protect older adults from neural degeneration.

Breast-Feeding May Lower Alzheimer's Disease Risk in Women

Researchers say that breast-feeding may restore the body's insulin sensitivity and help fight dementia.

A Proper Diet May Improve the Well-Being of Dementia Patients

Supporting treatment with the right kind of nutrition can improve the physical and mental conditions of those afflicted by this mental illness.

Vitamin C and Beta-Carotene May Combat Dementia

A new study shows that Alzheimer's Disease may be defeated by two common antioxidants.