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Fathers' Weight May Affect Children's Obesity Risk

Researchers reveal the link between children's sugar and fat processing abilities and their fathers' body weight and overall health.

Taking Cinnamon Supplements May Benefit Diabetics

Researchers reveal that taking cinnamon supplements daily may lower blood sugar levels in type 2 diabetes patients.

Eating Whole Fruits May Be Better than Juicing Them, Says Study.

Experts recommend eating whole fruits such as as apples, grapes, and blueberries for healthier sugar levels.

Too Much Sugar May Cause Health Complications, Says Study

Research shows that a high-sugar diet may affect you more than you think.

Older Adults with High Blood Sugar Levels May Have Increased Dementia Risk

Maintaining proper glucose levels may help lessen the risk of disease and cognitive decline.

Breast-Feeding May Lower Alzheimer's Disease Risk in Women

Researchers say that breast-feeding may restore the body's insulin sensitivity and help fight dementia.

Refined Carbs May Trigger Cravings Similar to Addicts

Researchers warn against taking in too much refined carbs as these may lead to unhealthy bingeing.

A 15-Minute Walk After Main Meals May Lower Diabetes Risk in Older Adults

Walking after eating may be the most cost-effective way of preventing diabetes.

Drinking Green Tea May Help Diabetic Patients Lose Weight

A recent Korean study has found that green tea extract combined with a certain compound may help avoid unhealthy weight gain.

Weight Lifting May Help Regulate Blood Sugar Levels, Study Says

Researchers suggest doing few dumbbell reps to help build your white muscle and maintain healthy glucose levels.

Drinking Coffee May Help Prevent Diabetes

Having a few cups of java comes with a whole lot of benefits.

Green Tea Plus Bread Equals Lower Blood Sugar Spikes

Taking in unsweetened green tea with bread may help you keep healthy blood glucose levels.

Sugar Water May Help You Focus on Tasks, According to Study

Lacking the self-discipline to stay in the zone and finish the one thing that you need to do? Try having something that's naturally sweet in your mouth.