A new study featured on MedicalNewsToday reveals that a Nordic diet comprised of berries, nuts, whole grains, root vegetables, cabbage, poultry, fish, rapeseed oil, and low-fat dairy products may be good for the health.

Researchers from Lund University in Sweden compared two group of volunteers: one who followed a Nordic diet and another who consumed butter instead of rapeseed oil, ate less berries and vegetables, and freely consumed red meat and white bread.

They found that those who followed a Nordic diet managed to drop their cholesterol levels, which effectively lowered the risk of cardiovascular disease. The diet also helped prevent diabetes by decreasing the effects of inflammation.

“The subjects who ate a Nordic diet had lower levels of harmful LDL cholesterol and higher levels of ‘good’ HDL cholesterol. The amount of harmful fat particles in the blood also declined,” explains biomedical nutrition researcher Liesolette Cloetens.

Of course, eating right alone isn’t enough. Pair up a Nordic diet with regular exercise and enough rest, and you’ll definitely be on your way to a healthier you.

(Photo by Randen Pederson via Flickr Creative Commons)

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