It’s hard to say when the idea of healthy eating began, or when the words superfoods, organic, and kale started becoming part of our everyday vocabulary, but one thing’s for sure—it's not just a fad. If it were, we wouldn’t have restaurants like Green Pastures, Corner Tree Café, or Edgy Veggy standing today. We wouldn’t have diet deliveries like Diet Diva or The Sexy Chef or detoxifying juice options like The Skinny Juicery or Juju Cleanse.

At GIRLTalk, we found a thread that began in 2006 that’s still visited by those interested to start living a healthier lifestyle, beginning with their diet. Here, we pick out five from their list of healthy eating tips:

1. From GIRLTalker u8mypinkcookies

You can try the ff:
- Air-popped popcorn
- Oatmeal (Jamba Juice has yummy options! )
- Wheat bread with peanut butter
- Fruits, yogurt
- chicken breast, fish (tuna, salmon)
- dark chocolate if you're craving for sweetsRLTalke

- Opt for grilled food than fried or baked with creamy sauces. Wag muna 'yung oily and fried.
- Stay away from mayonnaise or fatty spreads (I have no prob with this kasi I dont like mayo). Like Subway has nice sandwiches basta ba conscious sa filling and dressing. Go for grilled burgers para healthier din.
- No softdrinks or high-calorie drink like frappes, milk tea (or once in a while treat lang sila)
- Iwas ka muna sa cakes or baked pastries


2. From GIRLTalker lonelymiss28

Fruits- ito ang hindi nawawala sa amin, kasi for lunch fruits lang ang kinakain namin. Saka mga anak ko di ko masyadong sinasanay kumain ng marami para hindi sila tumaba pero healthy pa rin. Sa bahay kasi they can eat all the fruits that they want or vegetable for lunch pag supper lang kami kumakain ng heavy meal although hindi pa rin heavy kasi minsan soup lang.

3. From GIRLTalker Vera

Gals, don't forget to detoxify. To detoxify, eat veggies and fruits only for 2 weeks + 8 glasses of water daily. Don't drink coffee or anything with caffeine.

4. From GIRLTalker mlee

Always have some soup before eating.

I Eat a Heavy Breakfast
I used to skip breakfast but found myself struggling by the middle of the day. A Typical breakfast for me is compared to having lunch instead.

Eat a light lunch
like a small, simple sandwich prepared at home and packed to work.

Snack in afternoon
sample: cut-up fruit (apple or oranges .. anything packable for work!), a Jello cup or a soda cracker.

Eat Dinner super light
Like soup and cracker and cut up fruit (like cantaloupe or watermelon ... anything!) for dessert.

Sample meal:
fish (tilapia) +veggies (stirfry leafy greens) + a bowl of soup + a tiny bowl of rice and hot tea (no sugar/milk/cream).

Reward or 'Guilty pleasure':
1 or 2 Hershey Kisses a day or
1 small square of any dark chocolate. (dark chocolate is good for the heart without the sugar and extra fat you get from milk chocolate)

5. From GIRLTalker super_mum

To stay slim, instead of eating chips when I want to crave for salty merienda, I eat macadamia nuts. Kahit madami kang kanin, konti lang carbs nito.

Bawas din sa rice as in liit na scoop na lang.

(1. Photo of salmon by Gwen via Flickr Creative Commons 2. Photo of quinoa by Michelle Calabretta via Flickr Creative Commons 3. Photo of nuts by Tatters :( via Flickr Creative Commons)

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