Do you drink, smoke, or overeat often? If you do, then we’re sure you’ve heard enough horror stories to make you think twice or thrice about whether or not that second drink, smoke, or serving is worth having. Anna Magee, a writer for Marie Claire and Daily Mail, had a much more “in-your-face” awakening--literally. In this article on, Magee shared how she worked with Auriole Prince, a forensic artist who specializes in age progression, to figure out what her face would look like 10 years down the road if she continuously drank, smoked, and overindulged through those years. What she saw more than horrified her.


Using a picture of Magee’s face at 42 years old, Prince went on to work under the direction that the writer would have been drinking two wine glasses and a pack of cigarettes a day in addition to following a very unhealthy diet high in sugar for those 10 years.

Drinking, it turns out, will make your face redder as it tends to enlarge blood vessels. It can give you crow’s feet and forehead lines since drinking can be dehydrating. Smoking a pack a day, on the other hand, will zap all the color out of your face. You’ll resemble a cross between a vampire and a zombie—not exactly the best look of the season. You’ll also suffer from tooth damage, dark circles under your eyes, and sagging brows, eyelids, and cheeks. Overeating foods high in sugar will also cause your face to sag, not to mention give you more pimples than you’d like, an unflattering doughy look, and, well, a bloated face.


You can go to and try it yourself.

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