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People Eat More Than They Think They Do, Study Says

Watch out--you maybe consuming more calories than you realize.

Children Who Are Unable to Process Stress May Resort to Binge Eating

It doesn't only happen to adults. A recent study says kids may turn to overeating when faced with too much tension.

Study Suggests Obesity Is Caused by Eating More, Not by Burning Less Energy

Many attribute the growing problem with obesity the notion that we aren't as active as our ancestors were, but recent findings may have disproved this.

Using Subtle Stop Markers in Your Food May Help Curb Overeating

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Stress and Money Problems May Make You Overfeed Your Baby

Research shows that dealing with depression, single parenting, and financial woes may lead to moms' unhealthy feeding practices.

Reduce Your Available Food Choices to Avoid Overeating

The more food there is on the table, the more we are likely to eat--research shows why being queen of the all-you-can-eat buffet just isn't healthy.

Study Shows Lack of Sleep Can Lead to Overeating

Staying up late can give you more than just dark circles under your eyes, according to research.

Trying to Please Others Might Make You Overeat

Research shows that you tend to eat more in an effort to make other people feel more at ease.

New Study: Using Bigger Forks When Dining Out May Make You Eat Less

A new study shows you may be able to avoid overeating in restaurants if you consume bigger mouthfuls of food.

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