You may want to hold that serving of tuyo and sinangag in the morning and run a few laps first instead, as a study on reports that you can burn 20 percent more fat if you start getting physical before having breakfast.

This is according to Dr. Emma Stevenson, PhD student Javier Gonzales, and researchers from the Northumbria University in the UK. They asked 12 physically active male participants to take on a treadmill at 10 A.M. Some had already taken their breakfast, while others did the exercise on an empty stomach.

To recover after the activity, the participants were given chocolate milkshake. Come lunchtime, they were served pasta which they were told to eat until they were “comfortably full.” The researchers then monitored their fat and energy consumption, factoring in the exercise they had earlier that morning.

Results showed that those who exercised prior to having breakfast neither took in any additional calories from the chocolate drink or the pasta meal, nor experienced any increase in appetite. Moreover, they burned an additional 20 percent of fat as compared to those who ate before running.

So start stretching soon after jumping out of bed. A few crunches, followed by a quick jog around your flat every day may just be the key to losing those unwanted inches.

(Photo by lululemon athletica via Flickr Creative Commons)

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