Summer is here, which means it’s no time to be lazy! By now you probably already have your adventures and getaways all planned out, and what kind of a summer vacation would that be without hitting the beach, right? So if you want to get that bikini-ready, picture-perfect body, it’s time to work your butt off—and oh, just so you know, we mean that literally!

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To motivate you, we figured you might want to get some help from our certified celebrity #fitspirations. Kathryn Bernardo, Erich Gonzales, and Liza Soberano all train under Coach Bok Santos of Platinum Executive Fitness. With a decade of experience under his belt, he tells Preview that the key to achieving your fitness goals is really just to give your 100 percent during training. “All my clients have goals, but they can’t achieve those on their own. They need to be motivated and that’s where I come in,” he explains. “As a trainer, I help them. You have to give your 100 percent, because the most important thing is self-discipline.”



That said, are you ready to finally get in shape? We compiled some of Coach Bok’s videos while training Kathryn, Erich, and Liza—it will be almost as if you’re working out with the stars! Watch and learn, and then you can be on your way to a bikini-ready body.

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Check them out below:

Nail the It summer pose with a picture-perfect bottom. Here’s an effective butt workout you can do, as demonstrated by Erich.

While working on those glutes, like Liza, you can also develop your legs with this routine.

Ready to get some squats done? Take cues from Kathryn here!

Again, legs are important! You want them toned in time for your beach trip.

This routine here targets your triceps, core, and legs.

Wearing a two-piece swimsuit? Then this one’s a must to work on those abs!

Yup, here’s how Kathryn got her abs.


The Teen Queen sure is a hardworking one.

And if you want sexy curves a la Liza Soberano, here’s how you can develop your obliques.

Don’t forget about your posture, too! This lower back exercise will help you with that.

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