Without a doubt, running has gone the irreversible way of the trendy sport (like its predecessors badminton, spinning, and Ultimate Frisbee). But despite the cynicism that the seemingly endless string of fun runs might instill in a dubious nature, running is actually an effective full-body workout. Now there’s even a hardcore variation of this calorie-burning cardio-fest—the adventure run, which takes place on the off-road track of the great outdoors.

There are several advantages to adventure running which you may find lacking in a regular city jog:

You build your endurance.

Adventure runners cover all sorts of rugged surfaces, such as dirt, gravel, and sand—as opposed to the paved sidewalks that city-slickers have grown accustomed to. Trails may lead through steep, rocky, or woodsy terrain—sometimes cutting across streams and rivers. To complete the run in tiptop shape, your body conditions itself to exert more power while maintaining good form, thus building your stamina.

You avoid pollution.

In essence, an adventure run is a nature run, free of smog, exhaust, and piles of garbage. Thanks to an abundant supply of fresh air, your chances of losing your breath due to toxic fumes are considerably reduced, improving your overall performance.

You leave the crowds behind.

Even if you go with a group, adventure runs are much less hectic because they follow virtually uninhabited outdoor trails. You’ll be able to avoid the frenzied pace of bustling crowds and traffic-blocked streets and just concentrate on the workout.

You get to enjoy nature.

Lush greenery, crystal clear fresh water, and breathtaking landscapes
await you! Adventure runs may push you to the limit, but the visual prettiness you encounter along the way helps make up for all the soreness and sweat.

Adventure running may sound intimidating, but it’s actually something that both newbies and pros can excel in. As long as you have the drive, anything is possible!


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To test your rugged running chops, join the Merrell Adventure Run at the Wawa Dam in Montalban on April 17. Starting at 6:00 AM, the run will challenge experienced and first-time adventure runners to an incredible nature track complete with dirt trails, river crossings, and boulders climbs. Participants may enter the 3-kilometer, 5-kilometer, or 15-kilometer category. Winners will be awarded medals and prizes; other runners who clock-in before cut-off time will also be given Finisher’s Medals.

For more details on the Merrell Adventure Run, visit the Multiply site or check out the Facebook fan page.

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