With all the buffet parties and drinking sessions you’re attending, it seems like it would take nothing short of a Christmas miracle to keep you from gaining weight. The good news: It’s possible to celebrate the season while being able to manage your weight and not feeling deprived. Your strategy? These smart food swaps, coupled with easy, at-home exercises. Here, five ways to sneak in a sweat sesh over the break.

1. Do leg raises when you wake up.

Start your morning right by giving your abs, hips, and thighs a bit of a workout before you even leave your bed. Do alternating single leg raises as Swedish model and actress Dominica Westling does in the video. To really wake you up, bend your knees and dip your legs down as low as they can go without actually touching the mat. Make sure you let your core do most of the work. For the final stretch, do straight leg raises. Remember to inhale and exhale properly all throughout the session.

2. Squat for seconds.

Tempted to get a second sinful serving of cake? Think it over while you do basic squats. If you end up eating another slice anyway, make up for it by taking on the 100 Rep Fitness Blender Squat Challenge. It’s 10 reps of 10 different squat variations that totals to 100 reps total. From plie squats to roundabout ones, you’ll be burning those calories in no time.

3. Do a couple of lunges while waiting for your turn at the mic.

Watching your relatives sing karaoke is time you can spend exercising. As long as it’s not yet your turn, why don’t you do a couple of easy lunges to give your thighs and legs a workout? You can opt to do a stable lunge, but a forward or a backward lunge will definitely help you burn more calories.

4. Tone your arms while waiting for the last 10 minutes before Christmas.

The closer it gets to Christmas, the slower time moves. To keep you from getting too antsy, why don’t you grab your slightly heavier dumbbells weighing three, five, or eight pounds and follow celebrity fitness guru Holly Perkins' 10-minute arm circuit? Start with a 45-degree bicep curl and end with a triceps extension workout.

5. Host an exercise party.

Feel like you and your friends have been bingeing like crazy? Host an exercise party with your whole barkada. A fat-burning workout to your favorite beat is a fun way to make up for all the calories you’ve consumed over the holidays. Keaira LaShae’s10-minute latin fat burn sizzle workout is our bet for the season.

(Flashbox photo by Ryan mcGuire via Pixabay)

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