You know those yummy, crusty bits left in the pan after you’ve cooked bacon, burgers, or chicken skin? They’re arguably the best parts for picking, but they’re unfortunately the worst things you can eat if you have cardiovascular problems caused by diabetes. recently posted a study conducted by researchers from the University of Illinois, who found out that people who consume more advanced glycation end products (AGEs) increase their risk of developing heart diseases many times over.

AGEs are found in food cooked in very high temperatures. These are your burger borders, brownie edges, and sweet ham fringes, which sadly, are the best parts for most. Avoiding AGEs is the reason why doctors would rather have diabetics consume food that are boiled, broiled, and grilled, rather than those that are fried.

University of Illinois professor of nutrition Karen Champan-Novakofski explains, “If you have diabetes, you should know that AGEs--by-products of food preparation methods that feature very high, intense, dry heat--tend to end up on other tissues in the body, causing long-term damage.”

Although these are just preliminary findings, it’s good to know that those who have diabetes can now have better control of their condition by simply working with different cooking methods that can help alleviate products that can trigger complications.

(Photo by cookbookman17 via Flickr Creative Commons)

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