Presidential_candidates_poll_article.jpgExactly one month ago, we posted our guide to the presidentiables for the coming elections—and how time flies! Now, in less than a week, the citizens of this country will make their way to their respective precincts and vote for the presidential candidate of their choice.

By now, you should know the basics of how to cast your vote in an automated elections system. If not, check out our step-by-step guide to this new-to-the-RP process—and pray that the machines don’t conk out on the day itself.

One of the things that you should know for sure before May 10 arrives is which presidential bet you are supporting—although it might not be as easy as it sounds. In fact, “Who are you voting for?” has become the nation’s most frequently asked question of late—with answers that vary greatly across the board. If you’re one of those people who’ve gotten caught up in election fever, you may want to check out this thread on our GIRLTalk forums—it’s aptly titled “Sino ang presidential bet mo sa 2010 at bakit?” and runs a whopping 35 pages long (the subject matter being just the stuff for heated debates.)

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