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Janet Napoles Surrenders to President Aquino

The fugitive businesswoman, fearing for her safety, turned herself in after a P10-million bounty was offered for information that could lead to her arrest.

President Aquino Agrees to Abolish Pork Barrel

The President says that the controversial pork barrel funds will be replaced by a more transparent mechanism to avoid further abuse and corruption.

Pamela Anderson Invites President Aquino to Dinner

The Baywatch star wants to discuss how the government can help Mali, the elephant of the Manila Zoo, find a better home.

Ninoy, Cory, and Noynoy: An Inspiring Tale of Family and Country

Introduce your kids to the story of the country's fight for democracy.

SONA Update: P-Noy Says the Philippines is "no longer a joke"

In case you weren't able to catch it yesterday, here's a rundown of the topics P-Noy discussed during his third SONA.

Grace Lee Denies Report Saying She Wants to Marry P-Noy

The TV/radio personality said she was "deeply offended" by the contents of the article by veteran journalist Ellen Tordesillas.

Rep. Arroyo criticizes P-Noy's lack of leadership--do you agree?

The former president has her qualms about the new administration. What do you think of her assessment? Take the poll!

Shalani on PNoy: "We still communicate" + Should you stay in touch with your ex?

The ex-lovers still text each other. Would you do the same? Answer our poll!

P-Noy deprioritizes the RH Bill; Sen. Pia Cayetano says this indicates an indecisive leadership. Do you agree?

The senator, along with Lea Salonga, Beth Angsioco, and more, expressed her disappointment over the president's decision. What's your take? Answer our poll!

Should P-Noy bar Kris Aquino from talking about his love life?

The president speaks up about his sister's big reveal earlier this week.

Kris Aquino gives PNoy-Liz her blessing + 5 tips on getting along with your sibling's significant other

The Queen of Talk admits she loves Liz for her brother. Having trouble with your sibling's girlfriend? Learn to cope with these tips.

Should PNoy be dating his stylist?

The president confirms he and Liz Uy are dating. What do you think of this turn of events?

P-Noy Brings Chocolate for Sisters and ”?"Secret Gift” for Shalani + Pasalubong Dos and Don'ts

President Noynoy Aquino just got back from his US trip with gifts for his family and girlfriend Shalani Soledad.

How do you feel about having to work on August 23?

Tell us what you think about the Palace's decision to keep next Monday a regular working day.

Celeb Fashionalistas: SONA Style

See what your favorite stars wore to P-Noy's first state of the nation address.

Holiday Economics: No More 3-Day Weekends?

P-Noy says Independence Day should be celebrated on June 12. Should the holiday economics law be changed?

10 Things You Can Do For Your Country

It takes more than just the president to build a nation. Whatever our political alliances, we can help our new government by working for the good of our country.

Enter the New President: The Challenges Faced by Noynoy Aquino

The results are in, and Noynoy goes from President-Apparent to President-Elect. What should we expect of him?

Should Noynoy be appointing more celebs into government positions?

The President-Apparent mentioned bringing Dingdong and Ogie into his administration.

Would you put your relationship on hold to prioritize career and country?

President-apparent Noynoy Aquino and girlfriend Shalani Soledad are putting off marriage plans for now.