1. Listen to throwback playlists to remember good memories.
It will boost your mood and make you smile instantly. Here's a '90s love song playlist to get you started.

2. Finish books that you bought from way back.
Are the books from, let's say, the Christmases 2014 and 2015, still piled up in a corner? Take the time to read them every weekend.

3. Watch a live act.
Whether it's a concert of your favorite artist, a much-applauded play, or as simple as a live band playing in a bistro, you'll get a natural high by watching them. The audio quality is more raw and real. It's just different from listening to your phone's playlist.

4. Learn to cook a dish.
So you can finally claim that you have a signature specialty! Generally, pasta dishes are beginner-friendly.

5. De-clutter.
From emotional to physical clutter, free yourself from these things that are holding you back. Your closet is a good place to begin. Purge your closet of unworn clothes and shoes. You can also Marie Kondo it—get rid of things that don't spark joy.

6. Re-arrange your furniture.
After cleaning the hell out of your place, move some of your furniture around, so you'll feel like you're living in a brand new house.

7. Take yourself out on a date.
Savor a delectable selection of dishes in a fancy restaurant by yourself. Maybe have a sip of wine to end the night, too?

8. Travel alone.
Book a trip and enjoy getting lost! Here are some solo trip tips to get you started.


9. If you've been wanting to live and work abroad, do something about it now!
Go online and look for a job! But if you feel that you're not ready yet, then sign yourself up for seminars or short courses to hone your skills.

10. On weekends, instead of going to malls, try a real hobby.
Like action-packed wakeboarding or mellow calligragraphy.

11. Get yourself sexy lingerie.
Lace bralettes and barely-there panties aren't there for steamy nights only. You'll feel an instant confident boost when you're wearing them underneath normal, everyday clothing.

12. Stock up on on wardrobe basics instead of nabbing every piece that's "hot."
Fill your closets only with items that you would really wear and would last for many seasons.

13. Eat healthy, like for real.
Take baby steps. Lessen your sugar intake, drink less fancy coffee, and go easy on the junk food. Incorporate veggies and fruits into at least one meal a day. And while you're at it, make time for exercise—three times a week is doable, right?

14. Do a social media cleanse.
If you're just keeping your Facebook friends for hate-stalking, do yourself a favor and let go of the negativity. Don't just unfollow, be brave to unfriend them.

15. Write a list of what you need to accomplish.
Compose action plans and set target dates, so you'll really get your ass moving.

16. Be serious with your finances.
How much money do you have in your bank account? Did you know that it's highly recommended that you save enough money to last you for six months? A good practice is to set aside your savings first before spending it as soon as you get your January 15th paycheck.

17. Reflect on the past year's biggest moments.
Were there any regrets? What were the highlights of your year? Treat these mistakes as life's lessons, and let the highs fuel you to do even better this year.

18. List down the things you value so you'll know how to prioritize them.
Once a week, go home from work early. Spend more time with your loved ones rather than slaving away at your desk.

19. Do an anonymous good deed for someone.
Don't expect anything in return. We've got goodwill ideas here.

20. Say "I love you" and mean it.
Those three words have been misused and abused. Tell it to people that matter in your life and show them that you mean it. If you feel nervous mouthing these words, try these alternatives that will still touch hearts.

Let's conquer 2016!

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