Language is the easiest way to express our thoughts and feelings, and these words and phrases rounded up by reflect our disappointments, fears, and despair very well. See the saddest words and phrases of the English language below, and you'd be surprised at how often we use them :(

1. Back to school

Remember when you hated this feeling? Summer vacay is gone, and it's time for the students to face reality. When you become a mom, this sad phrase gets even sadder when it means less time with the little one!

2. Goodbye

Well, this is pretty obvious, the staple word for farewell—synonymous to 'the end.'

3. Heartbroken

Experiencing loss in love is painful. When you suffer a heartbreak, you feel like your chest is bursting with so much sorrow and grief.

4. If only

According to, this means 'wistful regret.' We can file our The One Who Got Away in this category.

5. It might have been

Also a phrase that describes regret—reminds us of TOTGAs and almost loves again.

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6. Lonely

A synonym of sad, but quieter—enough said.

7. Love

A supposedly positive emotion, but explains that if the word 'unrequited' is beside it, it becomes a different story. How agonizing is it to love someone who could never be yours?

8. Melancholy

This happens when one is habitually in the state of sadness.

9. Terminal

When you hear doctors say this term, it almost always means that the end is near. Almost.

10. What party?

The site says that's it's about finding out about parties you never got invites from. OP much?

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