Chances are, when you're a busy, 30-something woman, you only get to take your OOTDs when a special occasion pops up—may it be a wedding, reunion, or even a trip abroad! You spent a decent amount of time getting glammed up, after all, and you probably had to splurge on a dress for the wedding or even a trench coat for your trip, so naturally, you’ll want to document that classy look! The only problem? Posing for photos isn't often the easiest thing to do, and if not knowing where to place your hands is your main concern, try these tips below: 

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1. Having something to hold onto can help make you feel less awkward.

The most natural prop of choice would obviously be your handbag; try holding it with your two hands and lean back into one leg for a demure pose. But if looking sweet isn't your cup of tea, you can also casually hold your purse with one hand, letting your arms fall loose for a relaxed look.  

If you’re wearing a crossbody bag, try resting one of your hands on it for a laid-back pose:

Attending a wedding? A glass of wine makes for a classy prop, too: 

2. Loosely hold your arm. 

If you don't want to put your gamit na gamit bag on display as your prop, you can simply cross one arm to still give your hands something to hold onto. You'll even look elegant as a bonus! 

3. Do something natural!

Pretend like you’re tucking one side of your hair behind your ear, fixing your earrings, texting, or even drinking a glass of beer. These natural, casual movements will make your hands appear less stiff.


4. Look for something to lean onto. 

Instead of standing tall in front of a camera, and feeling unsure of where to place your hands, try taking your photos beside a staircase, wall, or anywhere where you can comfortably rest one of your hands or shoulders on. 

5. Pockets are your best friend. 

When all else fails, place one or both of your hands loosely inside your pockets but don't go all the way to avoid ruining the shape of your dress or bottoms! 

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