For busy, 30-something women, Christmas is the time to catch up with friends who are also busy with their growing, fast-paced lives. 

It's also the time to reflect and be grateful for the year that passed. Because as we all know by now, things change everyday, and you're hardly the same person you were 12 months ago.

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To commemorate this occasion, make sure to take at least one confidence-boosting picture of yourself and your crew. It doesn't have to be for the 'gram (though a new profile pic wouldn't hurt!), it can just be for yourself and your friends so you'll have something to look back on in the years to come

Here are a few tips to capture the strong, independent women you've become:

Make sure your makeup is photo-ready

Don't overdo your highlighter.

Doing so can make your face look shiny instead of glowing. But the right amount, especially just below your brow bone, can also make your face look brighter and more awake.

Opt for a matte base.

You can choose a matte primer to even out your skin, and use a lightweight foundation that won't leave you looking oily over time. 

Go for a fine powder

This is to prevent makeup flashback (the white cast you see in pictures because of the reflection of the camera flash). Avoid powders that are HD, mineral and/or 100 percent silica, as well as foundations with SPF for night events. (Ed's note: Never skip SPF during the day!)


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Tips for posing in solo pictures

If you never know what to do your hands, hold on to a prop.

Like your food:

Or your purse:

When standing, lean back into one leg, and pop your hip to highlight your curves.

If you're seated, cross your legs or feet!

For more unique angles, try to take a picture from the side or the back.

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Reminders for group pictures.


It's not just to fit in one shot. It's also so you don't look like strangers to one another. LOL!

Be conscious of your leveling and take advantage of the floor.

Physically connect with one another

Other ways to do it: Hug, hold hands, or lean on someone's shoulder.

Take wide shots for big group pics if possible.

Look at and talk to one another for more natural smiles and reactions.

Capture candid moments, too, for variety!

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