If you’ve been dying to give yourself a makeover, may we suggest you get a fresh new haircut and color! That said, nothing beats a chic short ‘do that can liven up your look and potentially shed a few years off your face. Not to mention, there are a lot of flattering styles out there that aren’t dangerously short if you’re not ready to let go of your long locks.


But getting a haircut is one thing, picking the right color is another. Whether you decide to go blonde, ash, or just a naturally lighter shade of brown, adding highlights can actually create a more dimensional look. If you decide to get a one-length cut, highlights will create the texture and depth, and will also add volume to your ‘do. You can say this hairstyle formula will totally revamp your entire look!

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To ease your search (or start it!), we’ve rounded up some Instagram-worthy short haircuts with complementary dye jobs that will give you selfie-worthy tresses after a trip to the salon. Might as well make the most out of your time in the chair with your stylist, right?

10 Flattering Short Hairtyles and Hair Color with Highlights 

1. Chin Length Bob + Mushroom Brown Hair Color + Ash Brown Highlights

This cool-toned blunt haircut will definitely lighten up your complexion and give you a more stylish look if you’re dyeing your hair from virgin black or brown. The highlights and color mix really add a hint of layers even though it’s a one-length cut!


2. Boyfriend Bob + Ash Brown Hair Color + Silver Highlights

Give yourself a ‘90s boyband (yes, not girl band) makeover with this edgy hairstyle and dye job that will definitely turn heads! If you’re looking for something with a rock and roll feel, this is the perfect cut and color to try! Despite the color being pretty high maintenance, the length is definitely fuss-free!


3. Lob with Soft Layers + Chestnut Brown Hair Color + Honey Blonde Highlights

If you want stark highlights but don’t want them to standout too much, make sure that your base color isn’t too dark! Chestnut brown is a great in-between—and if done as a balayage, you can rest assured the color will grow out beautifully from your roots.


4. Lob with Bangs + Ash Purple Hair Color + Ash Blonde Highlights

This is the perfect haircut to try if you’re scared to try a chin-length ‘do. But sprucing it up with a fun hair color can really transform a safe and common haircut intro something special. Try this in ash or deep purple with some light blonde or ash highlights to add dimension to your tresses.


5. Boyfriend Bob with Bangs + Ash Purple Hair Color + Milk Beige Highlights

Want a real fashion girl makeover? Then platinum is the way to go! A silvery purple base with subtle blonde or milk beige highlights really enhances a slightly layered bob like this. Don’t worry, your hair color will wash out into a gorgeous white or silver blonde, and who wouldn’t want that?


6. Layered Lob with Bangs + Milk Tea Brown Hair Color + Beige Highlights

You can say that this is the tamer version of a “Wolf Cut” and is definitely more wearable if you’re not ready to commit to a shaggy ‘do. Milk tea brown is definitely a beautiful cool neutral color that suits most Filipinas. You can level up the hue by adding beige or ash blonde highlights to create texture.


7. Shaggy Lob + Deep Brown Hair Color + Blonde Highlights

This cut and color combo is pretty common, but do it right with spliced highlights instead of chunky streaks! This is also a great way to go blonde without damaging your tresses so much!


8. Blunt Bob with Bangs + Black Hair Color + Blue Highlights

If you’re looking for a unique dye job, this one will definitely make people look. Much like the hidden highlights trend, this only works when your highlights don’t create such a bright contrast against your base color. If blue isn’t to your liking, a deep red or moss green would also work.


9. Mullet or Lob + Chestnut Brown Hair Color + Blonde Face-Framing Highlights

These type of highlights definitely help slim down your face if you have full cheeks or a wide jaw! You can try to make it even more interesting when paired with a shaggy mullet and chunky highlights all throughout your hair.  But if you want something relatively simple, you can just dye two prominent streaks on the side of your face while sporting a blunt bob.


10. Blunt Bob + Dark Brown Hair Color + Purple Ash Brown Highlights

We’re all for chunky highlights if you’re trying to give yourself a noughties-inspired look. But if you’d like an update to the bold streaks of the ‘90s and Y2K era, have it done in a mix of thin strands and half-an-inch highlights. This way the lighter hue blends more with your dark base color, creating a beautiful gradation versus obvious blocks of blonde in your ‘do.


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