If you have naturally thin hair or have noticed gradual thinning over the years, change your haircut or go-to styling methods to cheat your way to fuller-looking tresses. Here are looks recommended by Korean hairstylist Cha Hong that you can try ASAP:

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1. Side bangs and wispy bangs

Side bangs can instantly add volume to your hairline by filling in the empty spaces around your face that lack strands. Meawhile, a full fringe will give the top of your head more volume, provided that you opt for a wispy style over a thick cut.

2. Chin-length bob

A short, one-length bob won't just make you look younger, but the blunt cut will hug your jawline and provide an illusion of fuller locks. When paired with a layered fringe, you'll achieve soft layers that will compensate for flat-looking roots.

3. Textured pixie cuts

Variations of long pixie cuts deliver a fresh, youthful vibe plus natural-looking texture to your hair. You can pair it with side bangs to amplify the volume or add highlights for more texture without extra cuts.

4. "Frida cut"

Cha Hong describes this look as a layer-filled haircut that maximizes the volume on both the top and back the head. It's like a modern and more flattering take on a mullet, and according to the hairstylist, is now popular in Korea for its unique vibe that also suits fine hair.


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5. Long hair with face-framing layers

Long hair in a uniform length accentuates thinness and tends to look flat. To remedy this, cut it in long layers will compensate for the "sagging" parts, especially around your face and around your collarbones. Go for curtain bangs for a soft look, or a texturizing style like a shag haircut for that beach-inspired vibe.

6. Hacked ponytail

Regular low ponytails will only make thin hair appear even thinner, so Cha Hong recommends changing how you tie your strands. First, give yourself a subtle lift by aligning the ponytail to the back of your hair instead of letting it rest at the nape of the neck. After securing it with a hair tie, insert a small clamp inside your ponytail to cheat more volume on the hanging end.

Watch the video below for a complete demo:


7. Scrunchie-covered updo

According to the hairstylist, covering your buns with a scrunchie will make the lump at the back of your head appear bigger, giving the appearance of thicker hair. It adds a cute '90s touch to your look, too!

Watch the video below for more recommendations and tips from Cha Hong:

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