Having and maintaining a nighttime skincare routine is essential to the overall health of your skin. But admittedly, when you’re too tired from work, you tend to skip it altogether and hit the sack immediately. Imagine dozing off with the day’s grime on your face and with your makeup still on. No surprise that you wake to dry, dirty, and dull skin! You might even develop a pimple or two overnight. Yikes. 


Why is it important to have a night skincare routine? 

Given how much your skin went through from the morning to the afternoon, it’s just necessary that you give it some TLC after a long and tiring day. It’s also during at night when you can address specific skin concerns because cell regeneration and repair happens during sleep. Your skin also has high penetration in the evening, making it receive skincare products more effectively. 

How can I apply my skincare products in the right order? 

Of course, your beauty routine won’t be that effective unless you apply your products in the right order. Based on a study by Healthline, the basic evening skincare steps should look like this:

  • Makeup remover - Use this to remove makeup and other residues that are not visible to the eyes
  • Cleanser - Gets rid of any lingering dirt
  • Spot treatment - Use to treat breakouts or other skin concerns
  • Night cream or sleep mask - Moisturizes the skin and helps in skin regeneration
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But just like your daytime regimen, the number of products you use varies and highly depends on your preference and skin condition. Some double cleanse daily, while others prefer exfoliating instead. Others also use serums, oils, eye creams, etc. But if you’re just starting a routine, the basic steps should do the trick.

If you’re still clueless on what to include on your routine, these ladies might give you an idea since they already found what works best for their skin. Best beauty sleep, here you come!

Glenda Montealto, 29   


Products she swears by:  

Blackhead Clearing Green Tea Face Scrub, ST. IVES, P259, available online


Mattifying Toner 200ml, NIVEA, P189, available online

Refreshingly Soft Moisturizing Cream 200ml, NIVEA, P272, available online


Collagen Intensive Moisturizing and Repairing Cream 45ml, COLLAGEN BY WATSONS, P559, available online 

“My nighttime skincare regimen is perfect for my oily and blackhead-prone skin. I've been using this set for six months now and I have no plans to change it. I particularly like using St. Ives Blackhead Clearing Green Tea Face Scrub before hitting the bed as it cleans my skin thoroughly and its salicylic acid content dries up my zits very quickly! I know it cleans well because the cotton swab I use with the toner after washing my face is very clear. Malinis talaga!”

Ahlex Leyva, 29


Products she swears by:  

Deep Cleansing Facial Foam 100g, POND'S, P188, available online


Pore Conditioning Toner 100ml, POND'S, P99, available online

Age Defense Multi-Benefit Illuminating Cream, POND'S, price available upon request


Ellana Minerals Clear Skin Clarifying Serum with 91.6% Blueberry and Botanical Actives, ELLANA COSMETICS, P999, available online

Ellana Minerals Stay Fresh 3-In-1 Facial Mist with Camellia Extract, ELLANA COSMETICS, P500, available online 

“I love using Ellana Minerals for my face day and night. I’m using their Clarifying Serum and Stay Fresh Setting Spray. I love using their products because it takes care of my face and my morena skin. It doesn’t have whitening ingredients and lets my morena skin shine on its own! Aside from that, I love it because [Ellana Minerals] is a local brand. I love supporting local products.


I also use Pond’s for my face. I have been using Pond’s since I was in high school. After trying out a couple of skincare products, I stick to Pond’s as they also offer these non-whitening options.

Living in the Philippines, almost all of the skincare products you see has a promise to make you one shade lighter than your skin. I have nothing against that; staying morena is my personal choice because I love my skin color. It is just hard to find products that will enhance your original skin color. This is why these products are part of—not just my nighttime skincare routine, but for daytime as well!”

Nikka Peralta, 33


Products she swears by: 

Collagen Soap, FLAWLESS, P150, available online


Natural White Whitening Cream 25g, OLAY, P159, available online

“I don't use as much skincare products for my sensitive skin, but these two are my go-to items. Flawless Collagen Soap makes my skin feel really firm and free from any excess oil. Sometimes, I skip the moisturizer since my skin already feels soft and hydrated. And since I'm not getting any younger, I value the anti-aging benefits I get from this soap alone.

As for Olay Whitening Cream, I think this product is intended as UV protection for daytime, but I prefer to use it even at night to get the right moisture for my skin while I sleep. This gives me a fresh, non-greasy feeling on my face when I wake up the next day.”

Rebekah Melencio, 34


Products she swears by:

Tea Tree Oil 10ml, THE BODY SHOP, P495, available online


Soothing & Moisture Aloe Vera 90% Toner and Soothing & Moisture Aloe Vera 80% Emulsion Skincare Set, NATURE REPUBLIC, P925, available online


Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%, THE ORDINARY, P705, available online

Double-Sided Face Washing Brush Skin Care Massager, COFOE, P176, available on Lazada

“Out of my nighttime skincare products, I'd say my favorites would be Nature Republic Aloe Vera Toner and The Ordinary Niacinamide. The toner is light, doesn't give that stinging feeling, and takes out dead skin that's sitting on [top of] the skin. Meanwhile, The Ordinary Niacinamide is great for moisturizing and evening out bumps, which I've recently been more conscious of. It doesn't smell great but the moisturizing effect does last until the next day!


Additionally, not a consumable product but I've recently bought a facial brush. I think I'm liking it so far! I apply a bit of facial cleanser to my face, massage that with my fingers then use first the fine bristles side then the silicon bristles side of the brush. My face feels super clean after!”

Tessa Porqueriño, 30  


Products she swears by:

Daily Facial Cleanser 250ml, CETAPHIL, P469, available online


AHA/BHA Clarifying Treatment Toner 150ml, COSRX, P680, available online 

Two in One Poreless Power Liquid 100ml, COSRX, P990, available online


Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence 100ml, COSRX, P980, available online

Jeju Aloe Ice Soothing Gel 300ml, FRESH, P199, available online 

“This set has definitely cleared and repaired my sensitive and acne-prone skin. Gentle, light, sting-free, and sulit! My favorite from the above-mentioned is COSRX Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence. This product is really a must-have. It smoothened the texture and evened out the color of my skin. Blemishes, and bumps, all gone! My skin feels so soft and supple even on the next day!”

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