Kelly_Missy_article_2.jpgKelly Misa is what you would call a jill-of-all-trades—she’s a top model, a newspaper columnist, a budding actress, and most recently, a co-host on popular variety show Wowowee. Yet somehow, amidst the hustle and bustle of tapings, photo shoots, industry events, and deadlines, she still manages to devote herself to a committed relationship.

In the August issue of Women’s Health, Kelly dishes on the confluence of events that led to her big showbiz break—as well as the man who stood behind her all the way. His name is Carlos Fernandez, he runs a construction company, and he and Kelly have been together (in her own words), “since the beginning of time.” She tells Women’s Health, “He’s very patient, and whatever I want to do, he lets me do it. When I wanted to travel [for modeling jobs], it was hard for us, but… he let me go. It was the same thing when I wanted to get into showbiz. He didn’t stop me.”

Such a giving relationship seems destined for even greater things—in fact, Kelly is certain that her boyfriend is “The One.” She’s also certain about another thing—that if it came down to a choice between an amazing career or a lifelong love, she would hands down choose love. “If you find that one great love in your life, no matter what happens to you… you have that other person.”

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Be attuned to one another’s thoughts, emotions, and ambitions so you know the direction your relationship is taking. “It’s just trusting each other, where the relationship is headed, what I want, what the other person wants, and if we’re seeing eye to eye,” shares Kelly.


Cheating can be one of the biggest deal-breakers in any relationship. Still, the concept of cheating is “different for every couple,” as Kelly says, so it’s best to set your definitions from the very beginning. Kelly also says that it isn’t just physical acts of betrayal—an emotional investment in a person other than your partner can also be considered cheating.


When it comes to who your boyfriend is, Kelly advises that you “accept everything, good and bad.” This shows him that you will love him and want to be with him no matter what. In turn, he’ll accept you for who you are—PMS and all!


“You shouldn’t hinder each other from growing,” says Kelly. A relationship is always give-and-take—you’ve got to let each other have the opportunity to live out your own dreams, on your own terms. Suffocating one other by being too possessive or “strict” will only be detrimental to your love life—and may lead to resentment in the future.


Even if it takes a long time, you should ultimately forgive any hurts you may have inflicted on one another through the course of your relationship. This, Kelly reasons, is the only way you can “start with a clean slate” and leave the past behind.

Kelly_Misa_cover.jpgTo read more about Kelly, grab the August issue of Women’s Health, out now.

(Photos by Ria Regino)
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