jinkee_pacquiao_hermes.jpgEarlier this month saw the spread of rumors that actress Princess Snell was pregnant with boxing champion Manny Pacquiao's child. But Jinkee Pacquiao, Manny's wife, was quick to ask for proof of these, along with other reports of her husband's alleged infidelities, at the launch for Belo Nutraceuticals on September 20.

"Give me the proof," Jinkee is quoted as saying on PEP.ph. Rather than commenting on her man's supposed misdemeanors, she says she'd rather see evidence first. "Kasi mas okay sa akin 'yong gano'n, kesa 'yong sagutin ko na, 'Ay hindi totoo, hindi ano, gano'n. (I think handling it this way is much better than me saying, 'Oh, that's not true; that's not what happened.')'"

When the press asked her if she would give a reward, she gamely answered, "Pwede pang may reward pag may proof ka. I dare you to give me the proof. Reward? Hermes, gusto niyo? Depende na lang. Basta may reward, e, ako, may isang salita, ganoon ako. (There could be a reward if you have proof. I dare you to give me the proof. Reward? Do you want something from Hermes? It depends. But there's going to be a reward. I keep my word--that's the kind person that I am.)"

This situation is just one of many ordeals Jinkee has gone through because of her marriage, but she says challenges like these are what made her relationship with Manny stronger. "Kailangan be brave and tough, kumbaga, matapang ka sa lahat ng bagay (You need to be brave and tough, strong in the face of everything)," she advises other women in the same situation.

You shouldn't let others knock you out, she adds. "Kailangan huwag kang matakot. And then labanan mo sila kung ano yung dapat na tama. (You have to be fearless. And then fight back if you know what's right.)"

Jinkee displays her trust in her man by refusing to go snooping despite the rumors about his infidelity, but what if you're still tempted to spy on yours? Read this article for advice:


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(Photo courtesy of PEP.ph)
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