zanjoe_cristine1.jpgWhat's going on between Martha Cecilia's "Kristine" costars Zanjoe Marudo and Cristine Reyes? Nothing yet, it seems, but is it for want of trying? As this article reports, Cristine told Boy Abunda on The Buzz last week, “Malabong tao siya kapag ‘andiyan ako. Kunwari walang pakialam. Kapag ‘andiyan na ako, tameme naman siya.

This prompted Boy to reply, “E baka naman natotorpe lang.”

As to Zanjoe’s being torpe or shy in her presence because he might be thinking of courting her, Cristine said she didn’t want to make assumptions. What she did know was that their working relationship so far was nothing more than professional. “Nag-uusap-usap [kami]. Kapag action na, action...Tapos walang talk.”


Still, Zanjoe’s seemingly bashful (or indifferent) attitude hasn’t turned Cristine off just yet. In a strange but fitting analogy, she compared her costar to pork chop: “Kasi parang hindi siya pansinin na ulam pero kapag kinain mo siya, masarap siya siguro.

On his part, Zanjoe claims that he isn’t courting Cristine, and that courtship isn’t really his style. This article quotes his words to Toni Gonzaga on The Buzz just a few days after Cristine's interview: “Hindi ako nanliligaw. Malabo pa . . . Ang panliligaw ay di ko normal na gawain.”

Do you, like Cristine, have a man in your life who seems to be sending you mixed signals by being torpe? Don’t throw in the towel just yet—consider these simple suggestions on dealing with a shy guy.

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The key to getting a shy guy to come around is to allay his fear of embarrassment. How? By being as easygoing and approachable as possible when you’re around him. This article says that shy guys “won’t want to be around someone who is loudly calling attention to herself,” so try to stay low-key and laidback when you are together to avoid scaring him off.


When a guy is shy, chances are, he won’t have the guts to make the first move. Cut him some slack—after years of experience in cruel high school, he probably thinks he’s going end up getting rejected or ridiculed. Why not approach him first? This article claims, “If approached, the shy guy will open up almost immediately . . . he will know he has been acknowledged, and he will share his heart.”


An important thing to remember when dealing with a shy guy is that he will rarely initiate dialogue or open up on his own. Find out what his interests are—this not only gives you an immediate conversation opener when an awkward silence strikes, but it also helps you discover things that you may have in common.

When asking about his love for, say, sports, phrase your questions in such as a way as to avoid yes or no answers, which are certified conversation killers. Instead, make inquiries that will engage dialogue and, eventually, bonding.


Once you’ve made the necessary introductions and small talk with your shy guy, keep up the progress by making it easy for him to get close to you. Be consistent in your attentions to him—don’t be too forward (as it may come off as overbearing), but make it a point to be as accommodating as possible (which is probably more than you would usually be with a regular Joe). This article cautions, “The torpe type is usually super dense,” so you may have to constantly drop hints to steer him in the right direction—a romance with you! Not to worry, though—most shy guys are great lovers-in-the-making who are completely worth all the effort.


Finally, be patient! Shy guys are slow-moving, not stupid, so sooner or later they will figure out their feelings for you and address them accordingly. Don’t get frustrated early on in the game and drop a torpe suitor because he seems to be doing nothing—he will make a move, in time, so all that is required from you is understanding and encouragement. Also, don’t jump to the conclusion that your shy guy is “just not that into you” because nothing is happening in your relationship—this article says that “he may simply be acting in what he considers to be a polite and appropriate way.” The moral of the story is this: good things—and guys—come to those who wait!

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