georgina_wilson_portrait.jpgIn half a year, Georgina Wilson has become a household name—appearing on giant billboards, in top-notch runway shows and events, and local fashion and celebrity magazines and websites. Whereas before, she was simply known as actor Richard Gutierrez’s girlfriend (turned ex) or former Miss Universe Gloria Diaz’s niece, Georgina is now an up-and-coming star in her own right.

This doesn’t mean that the 24-year-old supermodel is raring to take showbiz by storm. In the May 2010 issue of Women’s Health, Georgina shares that while she would consider hosting a television show if offered the part, headlining a feature film is not something is she open to—yet.

For the moment, the half-British beauty is content to focus on her family and friends, enjoying life with food and other fun escapes, and of course, keeping herself fit. For a girl who struggled with fad diets in her earlier days, Georgina is now fully committed to the best possible means of looking good—exercise! “I work out five to six times a week,” she tells Women’s Health, attributing her passion for fitness to growing up in an active family, as well as the time she spent in outdoorsy Sydney, Australia.

Want to get Georgina’s dedication to exercise? Here are five steps that she says keeps her eye on the fitness prize.


“Don’t complain about your body if you don’t do anything about it,” says Georgina. Indeed, all talk and no walk will get you nowhere near a sexier bod. It’s time to get off your couch, get on the treadmill, and lose those pounds for real!


Whether it’s trimming down to your ideal weight or shaving a couple of inches off your belly, Georgina says it’s always best to have an objective to work toward. This serves as both your source of motivation and oh-so-fulfilling prize!


Many folks claim that their busy schedules cannot possibly accommodate a workout. Georgina wholeheartedly refutes this idea—if fitness is a priority, you will find a way to slot it in somehow. “There’s no such thing as ‘no time,’” she tells Women’s Health.

georgina_wilson_yoga1.jpg4. COMPETE WITH YOURSELF

The worse thing you can do is compare your progress to that of others. People are different—some take faster or slower to respond to exercise, depending on their bodies, and that’s just the way things are. Georgina advises that you compete against your own goals, so that fitness becomes a means to push yourself forward, rather than drag yourself down.


Make your fitness regime as fun as possible by inviting friends to come along! Georgina gyms with her BFFs—actress Anne Curtis, model and makeup artist Solenn Heussaff, stylist Liz Uy, and actor Raymond Gutierrez—and she admits that it makes exercising as much of a hangout as it is a workout.


georgina_wilson_womens_health_cover.jpgRead more about Georgina in the May 2010 issue of Women’s Health, out now.

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