After a brief break from showbiz following her much-publicized pregnancy, 22-year-old actress Andi Eigenmann is now back in the limelight. Her impressive comeback in the movie A Secret Affair is set to be followed by appearances in two upcoming films, and she will likewise star in a TV series about a popular Filipino comic book heroine.

The revival of Andi’s career was accompanied by the appearance of her svelte post-baby body, which she proudly showed off in the April 2013 issue of Women’s Health. Make her your inspiration to shape up this summer by checking out her weight loss tips below:

1. Familiarity is her friend.
Andi has always been sporty. She runs, swims, plays basketball, and used to play Ultimate Frisbee. After she had Ellie, she simply picked up where she left off. “After I gave birth, inulit ko lang ‘yung dati kong ginagawa (After I gave birth, I just repeated what I used to do before.).”

2. Portion control works.
Andi says she used to weigh 140 lbs. in high school, piling on the weight when she broke her ankle and couldn’t play sports. It was then she started watching what she ate. “My diet is part of my lifestyle,” she says. “I made myself aware of the kinds of food that I should stay away from because of my body type.”

3. Flexibility is key.
Andi works out whenever she has time. For her, a routine isn’t as important as actually engaging in movement. “I run when I can, I swim, and I dance a lot… That’s why I lost weight,” she says. “I don’t make a concrete schedule for it [working out]. That’s the secret for me. I never pressure myself, I never deprive myself, I never make myself feel that there’s something that I can’t or shouldn’t do.”

4. Baby is part of it.
Having an active toddler is part of her weight loss success. “My Ellie is the most energetic baby in the world. She’s just running and running,” she says. Mom gets to burn calories as well!

Find out more about Andi by grabbing the April 2013 issue of Women’s Health, out on stands now! You can also subscribe to the magazine’s digital edition.

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(Photo by Xander Angeles. Additional reporting by Marianne Salazar.)

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