money_woes.jpgWhile money isn't all that makes the world go round, you do have to have enough of it to keep your family living comfortably. Many of us use this reason as a motivation to excel at work and strive toward that pay raise, especially if every penny earned factors largely in the family budget.

Running a household can be one costly project. Which of your expenses have been giving you a headache lately? With June, for example, came the start of a new school year and higher tuition fees. Did your kids' matrikula make you pull out all the stops? Perhaps you're paying off a credit card debt that's accumulated over the months or a loan you took out to help pay the bills. Maybe you're paying your house's mortgage along with your hubby. No matter what expenses are hurting your pocket, share them with us here on FN.

FN wants to know:

What are your biggest money woes?

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