Do you always catch yourself taking a quick nap at work? Well, some lucky folks are paid to do so. Part of their responsibilities entail that they hit the sack, and yes, it’s often as nice as it sounds.

Technically, their positions don’t really read “professional sleepers.” They often are product managers or quality control personnel who make sure that beds and pillows are good to hit the stores or that hotels offer top-notch service. If you want to catch some zzs while being paid cold cash, try and look into some of these occupations:


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Hotel and Restaurant Inspector

Being a hotel and restaurant inspector means you’ll get to experience a lot of luxurious accommodations and meals—and yes, you’ll be rating how well you sleep. Don't be fooled, though, as it’s still a rigorous job because you’ll have to pay attention to a lot of details from the moment you make reservations to the time you leave. This may include how your host treats you, what your host wears, and even how he or she hands you the check. You’ll also need to rate their amenities and services while doing your best to stay incognito. But what’s a bit of brainwork if you’re paid to chill? (via

Bed/Mattress Tester

While some work for mattress companies, others work for inns or hotels and are tasked to pick the best furnishings for their establishments. Testing beds means looking for the right kind of firmness and support which is done by, well, sleeping on them. (via DailyMail)


Sleep Research Volunteer

Not only are you getting enough sleep in a day, but you’re also helping advance science! Researchers are always in need of people who are okay with getting painlessly plugged to machines while snoozing so that they can study how your body responds to certain stimuli. While some tests only last for less than a day, some can go on for a full month, such as NASA’s Human Research Program which asked volunteers to lay in bed for 30 days without getting up. The goal was to look into how the body adapts to zero gravity. The pay is said to be really good, but is taking shower in bed worth it? Better think about it first. (via VICE and NASA)

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