No matter what industry you’re in these days, the marketplace has become extremely competitive. If you’re serious about investing in your potential, brush up on trends and upgrade your skill set. These short courses from the most respected institutions in the country will beef up your resume and help you chase more opportunities for your career.



Learn: Marketing Research, Marketing Communications, Brand Management, and Strategic Competitive Marketing

Who should take it and why? No matter what level you’re on in your marketing (or even media, communications, or entrepreneurial) career, sell more than just brands and products — learn how to sell ideas better.

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Course: Marketing Diploma Program

Where: Ateneo Graduate School of Business - Center for Continuing Education

What is it? A 3-month diploma course that comes with three comprehensive modules that can equip you with essential marketing concepts and tactics.

FN Tip: Break it down. The courses are also available as short certificate programs per subject or per module that can be taken in 2 or 3-week intervals, after work and during the weekends.

Business Management 

Learn: Management Principles

Who should take it and why? You’re not a manager until you’ve mastered that Excel sheet. Everyone from entrepreneurs to business department supervisors will benefit from these management training classes that can be applied to different disciplines.


Course: Basic Management Program

Where: Asian Institute of Management (AIM)

What is it? Over three weeks, immerse yourself in the topics of decision-making, managing costs and profits, and even business analytics from this esteemed regional academic institution.

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Learn: App Development

Who should take it and why? If your inner Steve Jobs has been nagging you and you think you have what it takes to launch your own app, get into software development.

Course: Intro to Android Application

Where: University of the Philippines Information Technology Development Center

What is it? This 3-day course requires its students to have studied Java Programming in order to tackle the tools, basics, and data topics that are involved.

Course: iOS Application Development

Where: University of the Philippines Information Technology Development Center

What is it?: This 5-day course covers everything from Objective-C Programming to Storyboarding for creating the next Apple app sensation.

Human Resources 

Learn: Talent Management


Who should take it and why? The HR industry is getting more competitive by the minute! Be an asset to your company by learning to keep the best talent with your team, and becoming one of those key talents yourself.

Course: Certificate in Talent Management

Where: Ateneo Center for Organisation Research Development (CORD)

What is it? This 4-day course covers three modules of Business Strategy, the Human Capital Strategy, and the Six P’s of identifying and retaining top talent in an organization.

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Bonus: Digital Marketing 

Learn: Marketing Basics, Customer Journey Mapping, and Digital Channels Ecosystems

Who should take it and why? Everything is digital these days, and everyone is claiming to be a digital marketer – even if they don’t have the chops to back it up. Don’t be one of them and give the industry some credit by learning its fundamentals, as well as the ins and outs.


Course: CDM Acceleration Program

Where: Certified Digital Marketer Program

What is it? The Certified Digital Marketer Program is a comprehensive training program with 13 modules. The full program can be completed in 8-13 months. But for almost 2 months, go in deep with digital marketing basics and jargon to find your way around this digital world.

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