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Messy Mealtimes May Help Your Baby Learn Faster

Cleaning up those gooey baby food spills may be worth the effort.

Responsive Learning May Improve Your Child's Vocabulary

Regularly interacting with your toddler may help him get an academic leg up over other kids his age.

Naps May Improve Children's Cognitive Performance

Giving your children time to rest within the day may help them process and store information and gets them learning faster.

Physical Activity May Boost Kids' Learning Abilities

Letting your child exercise through sports or play may improve his brain function.

Omega-3 May Give Kids an Academic Boost

Researchers recommend serving kids a variety of fish and seafood at least twice a week.

Progress Pre-School Gold Launches Interactive Exhibit

Make the Shift: The Multiple Intelligence Experience is scheduled to be held at various malls from August to September 2013.

Nonverbal Cues May Help Boost Your Child's Vocabulary

Connecting words with images may help your child learn language faster.

”?"Reading” Wordless Picture Books to Children May ExposeThem to a More Complex Language

Interpreting stories from picture books may help toddlers learn more complicated nuances of a certain tongue, a recent study says.

Teen Instructors More Likely to Inspire Positive Health Changes in Kids

Young and relatable role models can help children lose weight and live healthier lifestyles.

Children Learn Better with a Mix of Academics and Play

It's not all about hard ABC: a child's curriculum should include interaction, imagination, and play.

Sleep Helps Kids Remember New Information, Study Suggests

A good night's rest may just be what kids need to absorb their lessons for the day.

Study Groups Inspire Better Performance in Students

According to research, sharing information with peers helps in getting good grades.

Too Much Parental Coaching May Inhibit Your Child's Creativity

Don't breathe down your kids' backs--according to research, it would be best to let them learn on their own.

Fun Size: 5 Bonding Activities That Your Tweens Won't Be Embarrassed About

Perhaps it's time you start treating your kids like responsible young adults.