You may have a good personal relationship with a certain officemate, but there are times when you find your professional relationship less desirable. He may be unwittingly passing you the bulk of his work, or he may be leaving you out during important corporate functions to make himself look good. These instances can be easily dismissed once or twice, but when they happen too often, it’s understandable that you get frustrated for always getting the short end of the stick. Kung lagi ka ba naman naiisahan!

In today's competetive world, it's quite common to encounter people who are willing to play dirty, but there are several ways for you to change things:

1. Understand what’s going on.
Lawrence Cheok on Lifehack says, “The reason people feel unjustified is because they [feel] misunderstood.” You’re probably not the only one who feels that way. In fact, even your officemate who seems to be burdening you may also feel the same way, resulting in his behavior. Look at the bigger picture and observe your office culture. You’ll get a better understanding of how to handle the situation when you do.

2. Talk in private.
Fuming in your cubicle won’t solve the problem. If you somehow can’t understand your colleague’s behavior towards you, politely and privately speak with him about what you’re feeling.

3. Don't feel obliged to say yes all the time.
Learn to stand your ground. If he’s passing on his tasks to you, remind him that you’re also busy with your own responsibilities and that you won’t be able to accommodate him for the time being. If he hogs the team’s accomplishments, don’t be afraid to voice out other member’s contributions or even your own. As an article on Wall Street Journal notes, “An assertive personality is tough to break down.”


4. Stay in the loop.
Feeling naiisahan can also be the result of missing out on huge events and decisions. You may need to double-check exactly where you are in the corporate equation when your colleague seems to be getting more info from management than you are. If you sense that you’re getting left out, make yourself visible. Offer suggestions, ace your projects, and make your mark. This can keep you on equal footing with the rest of the team.

5. Escalate the problem.
If in the end you feel like you’re still overworked and undervalued, then speak with your boss about it. If your boss is your issue, talk with HR. What matters is that you get to the root of things by passing through the proper channels, so that you can effectively plot your next move.

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