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Experts reveal that knowing the nuances of online and offline bullying may help teens cope better with these negative experiences.

Childhood Bullying May Affect Employment, Says Study

A recent study reveals that adults who have been bullied as children may be less likely to hold long-term jobs and relationships.

Overprotection and Other Negative Parenting Techniques May Increase Risk of Bullying in Children

Parents who consistently shield their children from harm may be training their kids to become helpless.

Teens Show Less Aggression When They Believe People Can Change

Helping your kids have an open mind about other people may result in less mental and physical negativity.

Kindness Improves Children's School Communities, Says Study

Paying it forward doesn't only help others; it also enables kids to become more socially accepted by their peers, study suggests.

Stressed Would-Be Mothers Are More Likely To Have Children Susceptible to Bullying

Research shows that a mother's anxiety may affect her child's way of dealing with tense situations, increasing his likelihood of being victimized.

Scaring, Belittling, or Neglecting a Child Is as Harmful as Beating Him, Experts Say

Psychological abuse doesn't leave a mark on your child's skin, but it's just as damaging as physical abuse and harder to spot to boot.

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Kids Who Have Been Bullied May Be More Prone to Self-Abuse

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Study Shows How Cyberbullying Differs from Regular Bullying

Research shows that the tactics used to stop traditional bullying may not work on cyberbullies.