Let's face it—there are some employers who are prejudiced against applicants with large waistlines. However, it’s not always an issue of weight but of self-esteem. According to a recent report on NBC News, applicants who are a bit on the heavy side tend to show a lack of self-confidence, which is a known no-no in interviews.

Researchers from Bowling Green State University discovered that grad school applicants with body mass index points higher than the average 25 were 27 percent less likely to get an admission invitation than their slimmer counterparts. A similar interview conducted over the phone yielded the same results.

Study co-author Jacob Burmeister admits that some employers may have negative connotations about overweight individuals, and some may even go far as to think that they are unmotivated and undisciplined due to their weight. However, many heavier applicants also tend to project an uncomfortable, nervous, and uncertain vibe, which may give employers the impression that they themselves do not believe in their own skill set. This may undermine any effort to land a job, regardless of waistline.

To give yourself the best chance of success at interviews, mentally condition yourself a few minutes before you enter the interview room. Think about a project you successfully managed, and focus your mind on your positive traits. According to the study, this may raise your chances of impressing your future employer by 81 percent.

(Screencap from The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 courtesy of Warner Bros.)

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