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You Can't Be Both Healthy and Overweight, Study Says

Research reveals that passing your BMI limits may increase your risk of heart disease and early death, even if you're metabolically healthy.

Losing Weight May Be More Effective with Friends, Says Study

Having a support group in the fight against obesity may help push you to do better.

Juvenile Obesity May Increase Hypertension Risk During Adulthood

It's important for parents to monitor their children's weight, as the more pounds they gain, the more unhealthy they get.

Eating Your Heaviest Meal in the Morning May Help You Lose Weight

Starting your day with a full breakfast and ending it with a light dinner may help you shed those pounds.

Consuming Too Many Sugary Beverages May Increase Chances of Juvenile Obesity

A recent study notes that parents should monitor not just what their kids eat, but what they drink as well.