If you feel like your career is in a slump, chin up. Just because you haven’t gotten that corner office by now doesn’t mean you never will. “Success is not a straight trajectory; there are ups and downs and unexpected twists and turns,” says ABC News correspondent Mara Schiavocampo. “But if you keep your eye on the prize and focus on the finish line, eventually you’ll get there.”


Feel a second wind coming on? Here, 10 more tips to help boost your career.

1. Stay curious.
Never lose your sense of wonder. Anne Sweeney, the co-chair of Disney Media Networks and president of Disney-ABC Television Group says this makes the people around you feel excited. “The smartest thing you can ever do is to constantly ask questions.”

2. Apply even for jobs you feel you’re underqualified for.
Ever wonder why most men are getting the positions that you want? According to a Harvard Business Review article, it’s because women only apply for vacancies if they meet the qualifications 100 perfect whereas men will apply even if they only meet 60 percent of them.

3. Get a work buddy.
If going to the gym with a friend helps you stick to your exercise regimen, then so, too, will an office partner, reports Life Hacker. Truth: Having someone to cheer you on from the next cubicle can keep you from keeling over that mountain-pile of paperwork on your desk. 

4. Conduct an energy audit.

It’s not how long you spend at your desk that makes you an effective employee, but the amount of energy you invest during the hours that you work. Tony Schwartz, author of The Way We're Working Isn't Working, points out that you need four different kinds of energy to operate: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Balance all four so you don’t end up overwhelming yourself.

5. Learn to say no at work.
While it’s important to show your boss that you’re willing to go the extra mile to get the job done (even if it means spending a few more hours at the office on the clock) you shouldn’t make a habit of saying yes to everything either. It’s a “dangerous mentality to get into,” warns NewBrand Analytics CEO Kristin Muhlner. You might end up sacrificing work-life balance before eventually losing both.   

6. Get rid of your sense of entitlement.
Newsflash: Just because you show up for work every day doesn’t mean you should be awarded a gold star. FYI: You’re at the office to make life easier for your boss and not the other way around. The sooner you stop being what xoJane Editor-at-Large Mandy Stadtmiller calls that entitled millennial at work, the better your end-of-the-quarter evals would be.   

7. Don’t get too attached to success.
It’s important to celebrate a closed deal or a job well done, but if you get too addicted to victory, you may be less able to handle failure, according to StartUpCollective.

8. Surround yourself with doers.
There’s nothing wrong with dreaming about getting that cushy corner office, but if you want to actually make said dream a reality, you need to take action. Step 1: Hang out with people who are dead-set on pursuing their goals. According to TIME.com, they can inspire you to work your way up that corner office.

9. Review your notes.
Congratulations, you’ve learned how to diligently take notes at work—but what good are they if you don’t even spare them a second glance? Take the time to look over your handwriting at the end of the day/week to make sure you don’t miss anything. Tip: The Muse recommends keeping all of your notes in one place to avoid losing them.

10. Constantly update your skill set.
Everyone hits a plateau in their career—the trick is to learn how to move past it. One way, according to The Wall Street Journal, is to learn new things. This may range from learning a new language to using a new software program.

PHOTO: Admission/Focus Features (2013); GIFS: Giphy.com

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