There’s nothing wrong with mispronouncing words. But it won’t hurt to learn the correct way to say them. After all, you might find them valuable when you want to make good impression during a job interview or a client presentation. Below are some of the most commonly mispronounced words and the proper way to pronounce them: 


1. Coupon

How it’s mispronounced: kyu-pon

How it’s pronounced: koo-pon

Meaning of the word: a separate ticket that entitles the holder to a product or service

2. Due

How it’s mispronounced: joo

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How it’s pronounced: doo

Meaning of the word: something that is owed

3. Epitome

How it’s mispronounced: ih-pi-toe-m

How it’s pronounced: ih-pit-uh-mee

Meaning of the word: an ideal example

4. Etcetera

How it’s mispronounced: ex-set-er-uh

How it’s pronounced: et-set-er-uh

Meaning of the word: a number of people or things unspecified

5. Faux pas

How it’s mispronounced: fohx-pas

How it’s pronounced: foh-pah

Meaning of the word: an embarrassing mistake done in a social setting

6. Often

How it’s mispronounced: off-ten

How it’s pronounced: aw-fuhn

Meaning of the word: many times or frequently

7. Quote

How it’s mispronounced: coat

How it’s pronounced: kwoht

Meaning of the word: a passage or phrase from a book, speech, or any source of information


8. Suite

How it’s mispronounced: soot

How it’s pronounced: sweet

Meaning of the word: a series of rooms with set furniture

9. Wednesday

How it’s mispronounced: wehd-nez-dei

How it’s pronounced: wenz-dei

Meaning of the word: the fourth day of the week, following Tuesday

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