1. They have realistic expectations of how long things really take.
Punctual people are aware that it takes at least 30 minutes to look polished and presentable in the morning. They never expect that they'll be ready in five minutes. Getting out of bed alone takes at least two minutes—do you really think that three minutes is enough to squeeze in a shower and get dressed?

2. They give themselves buffer time.
Time nazis still expect delays to happen. For example, when going to an unfamiliar destination, they give themselves an extra half hour at least in case they get lost or encounter difficulties in commuting or finding a decent parking slot.

3. Traffic is never an excuse.
As previously discussed, they are mindful of unforeseen delays. Metro Manila traffic jams are nothing new. When their destination is 30 minutes away, they leave 45 minutes earlier to be sure that they will be there on time. Also under this category: long elevator queues.

4. They plan everything.
Those who hate tardiness organize their life to avoid forgetting appointments or deadlines. They strongly believe in to-do lists and routines. Their belongings are also neatly stored, so they never scramble to look for their phone, wallet, or keys.

5. They never procrastinate.
When they're given a task, they accomplish it earlier than the target date. Doing so affords them extra time to polish everything before handing it to their boss. Also, they can carry on to the next task and finish it early again!

6. They choose to go to bed early.
Burning the midnight oil isn't their thing because they never cram or procrastinate. They simply clock in more sleeping hours to re-energize for the next day.

7. They can control distractions.
Social media is a productivity black hole, so whenever there's something to be done, punctual people know better than to log into their social media accounts. This trick keeps their momentum going and helps them get the job done efficiently.


PHOTO: Stocksnap

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