There are simply those days when you get tired of adulting, and you end up sitting in your cubicle pretending to work for most of the day. Despite your best efforts, nothing really comes out and you end up feeling even more frustrated because you’re not getting anything done at all. For women who can’t seem to tap into their daily reserve of positivity and productivity, here are things you can do to pull yourselves out of that rut:


1. Give up.

Seriously, just give up trying to look busy and do something else. Allow yourself a snack or give yourself a 15-minute break. Momentarily shifting your focus can make it easier for you to get something done once you go back to what you really need to accomplish.

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2. Move around.

Getting stuck in your office chair for long periods isn’t only physically bad for you, but can also cause you to feel agitated – and agitation doesn’t really help you with getting stuff done. Change the scenery by getting up and moving around. Do a few stretching exercises while you're at it, or if possible, get out of your building and take a walk. You’ll feel much better after.

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3. Talk with your officemates.

A bit of chika never hurt anyone. If you’re feeling blah, take time to chat or grab a cup of coffee with someone from your team. You’re not a robot that can function without speaking with people for hours on end. Human interaction can help ground you and uplift your mood.


4. Sneak out for a quick pampering session during lunch break.

If your office is near a mall or a salon, try getting yourself a mani-pedi or even a quick one-hour massage instead of staring blankly at your computer monitor. Indulging in breaks actually saves you time and gets you more focused on finishing your job, as according to research, the most productive people are those who know when to rest.

5. Take a vacation leave.

There’s a reason why it’s mandatory for companies to give employees leaves. Stay home if you really can’t deal with anything and you know you’ll be completely unproductive at work. A good, long rest may just be what you need to get your engines going again.

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