Hectic work schedules make it easy to feel overwhelmed.  Try some of the ideas below to help get your ducks in a row:

1. Prepare for the day. 
Do your mornings include panicky meltdowns in front of your closet, hasty grabbing of stuff, and mad dashes to the door?  Eliminate this unwanted stress.  Everyone deserves beautiful, unhurried mornings.  This can be done by simply laying out your gear before hitting the sack every night.  Pick out an outfit you are going to wear.  This would help avoid any possible fashion emergencies.  If you've got little ones, encourage them to do the same with their uniforms.  This could be a useful routine to master as they grow up.  Pack snacks in advance so that they'll be ready to go.  Secure a basket in your room to catch necessities so you'd never leave home without your keys, wallet and mobile phone.

Make it a habit.  Instead of starting the day rushed and frazzled, you'll soon be more confident and composed as you step out the door.

2. Keep yourself well-rested, active, and nourished.
After preparing your stuff, do try to get enough hours of zzzs so your body can get the rest it needs to cope with daily pressures.  Exercise to clear your head and to get reenergized.  An endorphin boost is always welcome whenever you're feeling harassed.  Remember to take meals on time and keep hydrated since hunger and thirst can further compound feelings of anxiety and stress.

3. De-clutter your home.
Relaxing and de-stressing in a home overflowing with clutter is nearly impossible.  Create a restful ambiance by cleaning, de-cluttering, and organizing.  Disorganization in the environment also affects moods and thinking processes.  Moreover, knowing where exactly to look for things lessens stressful rummaging.  As the adage says, "A place for everything, everything in its place".

4. Write everything down.
Make your calendar or planner your best friend.  As soon as you hear of a particular event, scribble it down before it has a chance to escape you.  Take note of dental appointments, invitations, deadlines, and such.  You may also quickly detect conflicting dates and decide whether you'd still have enough time to accept any more to avoid getting completely swamped.  Being able to visualize your schedule gives you a feeling of control which helps in planning and achieving goals sanely.

5. Give procrastination the boot.
Putting things off has a way of eating at you.  It shortens your fuse and deprives you of sleep.  Plus, it could set you up for nasty cramming.  Tackle what needs to be done as soon as you can.  Do not wait to do something until you feel like doing it.  It's bound to get you in trouble.  And do remember to reward yourself after completing a task.  Imagine all the time you'll have on your hands to relax and enjoy doing the things you love without the guilt.

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