When you’ve stayed with an employer for more than three years, complacency can set it. You may be clocking in and doing the same thing every single day, not even thinking of the opportunities that await you if you’d only push yourself the tiniest bit.

The good news is that it’s never too late to have a new attitude about your professional life. Here are a few ways on how you can step up at work and move up the corporate ladder.

1. Be on time

For many companies that move on flexible schedules, punctuality isn't such a big thing. However, arriving well before your shift will still reflect positively on you. It says a lot about the importance you give to your work, gives the impression that you know how to manage your time, and shows you're fully prepared to take on the day's responsibilities.

2. Look presentable
Never leave for work looking like you've just gone out of bed. Take time to enjoy a shower, pick the proper outfit, and grab a healthy breakfast. (We've got the easiest morning beauty routine right here, BTW.) Being and looking presentable before clocking in won't just give your colleagues a positive impression of you, it'll also help you feel alert and in control even if you have mounds of work to do.

3. Take responsibility
Working with a team means that you have certain duties and responsibilities specific to your designation. That means you have to own up to your actions—even if the consequences leave little to be desired. Taking responsibility means you're mature enough to deal with both the successes and the failures that your job entails, and that people can trust you not to bail when the going gets rough.


4. Don't backstab

There will always be those times when you're itching to tell on certain people who seem to be cutting corners or who are just plain bad apples. But if doing so won’t result in anything that would improve you or your team, then best quit the negativity. Backstabbing the people you work with is nothing but a waste of time. It can also end up being counterproductive for you down the line.

5. Avoid office politics
Workplace interaction can oftentimes be like a Game of Thrones episode—full of intrigue and calculated risks. Instead of joining in on your department's telenovela, simply do your job. More good can come out of you working hard than from manipulating other people.

6. Focus
It’s easy to get distracted these days with social media, online games, and even just your makuwento officemate. To up your efficiency, make an effort to focus on the things that you need to do during office hours, and do your extra curricular activities during break time. You'll find that setting your mind on your task list and temporarily ignoring other things that are of lesser importance will help you finish more work faster.


7. Take on new challenges

There are different reasons why management would give an employee a new or a different set of tasks. One could be a pending promotion, while another could be crisis management. Whatever the cause may be, if you find yourself given a new responsibility and it’s within the bounds of your pay grade, don't shy away from it. Be courageous enough to take on a challenge and look at it as something that you can learn from. More than showing your boss that you can flawlessly handle new things, it can also help you develop as a professional.

8. Accept mistakes
We all make mistakes; some worse than others. The important thing? When things start to go down, always own up. Trust us, problems get solved faster the sooner you accept that you’ve done something wrong.

9. Present new ideas
There’s always room for change in any office setting, and you can be the one to initiate it. If you have any suggestions than can improve your team’s workflow or can increase sales, speak up during the next department meeting. No matter how your higher-ups take your ideas, at least you’ve managed to lay them on the table.


10. Do your best

The ultimate way to step up at work is actually the simplest: Do your best. Whatever your job may be, always give it your 100 percent, and everything will smoothly follow.

Photo: Mike Dee; GIFFS: via Giphy

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