You’re in your 30s, and you suddenly realize that the job you’ve had for the past few years isn’t really what you see yourself doing in the next few. However, you also know that it’s not that easy to make the decision to resign. Unlike when you were still fresh out of college, there are now more things to consider when planning a career shift.

The reality is, there are employers who think twice about hiring someone in her mid-30s—especially if she hasn’t reached managerial level yet—in spite of the wealth of experience that she can offer. Another fact to consider: Going a different way professionally means starting over, and there will be a lot of competition not just from peers, but from young newcomers, too.

Although these may sound disheartening, they should not be reasons for you to stay in a company or career that you aren’t happy with anymore. Change is always good, especially when you feel that you can grow into a better person in a different place. Plus, doing so in your mid-30s actually means you are emotionally and mentally mature to handle the shift.

Remember that it’s never too late to try new things, so when the opportunity presents itself, grab it. To help make the transition smoother, here are seven simple tips you can follow.

PHOTO: Community/NBC

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