University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign researchers conducted two studies on divorce and its repercussions on relationships. Published on Medical News Today, the study reveals that divorce may have a bigger impact on younger kids than on adolescents.

In the first study, they asked 7,735 participants to answer a questionnaire on personality and relationships. The numbers revealed that over one-third of the volunteers had divorced parents and were, on average, nine years old when it happened.

In the second study, researchers asked 7,500 participants to document which parent received primary custody after the divorce. A total of 74 percent answered that they stayed with their mothers, while 11 percent said that they stayed with their fathers. The remaining percentage lived with caretakers or relatives.

Further findings from both studies showed that those whose parents divorced between zero to five years of age were more uncertain about their relationships with their mothers and fathers as compared with those whose parents divorced when they were older.

"A person who has a secure relationship with a parent is more likely than someone who is insecure to feel that they can trust the parent. Such a person is more comfortable depending on the parent and is confident that the parent will be psychologically available when needed,” explains study author R. Chris Fraley.

Although divorce is not legal in the Philippines, annulments and separations do occur more often than we think. It's important to see these as final options, and not as quick ways out of a relationship gone sour. If in case there is no other choice, parents should support their children through the process, and make sure that their psychological and emotional needs are met.

(Photo by Ivan McClellan via Flickr Creative Commons)

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